We help you navigate the legal, emotional and financial minefield.

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Welcome to the Family Mediation Centre

We offer a comprehensive, in-depth mediation service for separating couples. Our team combines the expert skills of experienced mediators, child and family therapists, financial advisors, and lawyers.

Our approach is to make available in one place all the advice you need to work out the answers to the seemingly insoluble problems you might be facing if you’re separating. We try to help you replace anger and hostility with rational discussion and calm decision making.

We’re based in north-west London.


What is mediation?

Mediation is a participative process that helps separating couples to reach the right decisions for them and their families, and to minimise costly and adversarial legal process.


Why come to us?

We are a team of mediators and professional advisors, with the skills and experience to help you address all aspects of the problems you’re likely to face.